Testimonials from MLE++ users


"The documentation is excellent, and the structure and package is perfect.  I have been using Gauss for years, and am transitioning to C++ and MLE++ is perfect for my needs.  And the price is a bargain! I wish I was in academia, so I could make all my students learn it! But I will tell all the econometricians I know that this is the way to go (forget Gauss and Matlab--and we wont even mention SAS or SPSS)." 


Michael Ozog, PhD, Vice President for Smart Grid Products, Integral Analytics, Inc., Cincinnati, OH


"We've now incorporated your Poisson and OLS models inside of our CrimeStat program.  We've added skewness and multicolinearity diagnostics as well as a backward elimination stepwise procedure.  The routine works 'like a charm'.  Thank you very much."


Ned Levine, PhD, Ned Levine & Associates, Houston, TX