About us

Cahill Software is now based in Edmonton, the capital city of the province of Alberta, Canada. We started in 1995 in Ottawa, Canada, to market software for flexible Maximum Likelihood Estimation (MLE).

We have continued to be leaders in this field, providing advanced search algorithms for custom estimation and many packaged models implemented as a C++ class library. This is our core product MLE++ now available through the very user-friendly Interactive Development Environment of the FREE Micorsoft ® Visual C++ 2010 Express Edition compiler.

We are continuing to develop our products and will soon offer a menu-driven product based on the packaged models of MLE++.

We have developed scientific software and commercial products under contract, based on our expertise in econometrics, statistics, and programming in C++ and SAS. Although our primary focus is now product development, we will continue to consider contract work.

MLE++ was developed by the Cahill Software principle Ian Cahill, M.Sc. (Mathematics) M.A. (Economics), University of British Columbia. Contract programming has been undertaken with associates. Other products and custom programming may be undertaken with associates whose qualifications will be posted on this page.

If you have comments or suggestions, please email us at cahill@magma.ca